“You’re not sick because you have cancer,
You have cancer because you’re sick.”


Rethinking cancer. What role does glutathione play in your body for fighting cancer and preventing recurrence?

Whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, we want to provide you with information so that you can make an informed choice.

Cancer is increasing in incidence and today, it would seem that each of us knows at least a friend or a family member that has been affected by cancer. Based on the latest Health Facts 2013 released by Ministry of Health (MoH) Malaysia, cancer is one of the top ten causes of hospitalisation and one of the top five causes of death in both public and private hospitals. The salient truth is that cancer has overtaken heart disease as the number one killer.

"Cancer is a manifestation of a deeper systemic problem."

We are often focused on getting rid of the cancer, on fighting cancer. But we fail to see that the cancer is also a symptom, a manifestation of a deeper systemic problem. The key to understanding and controlling cancer is that it is a “systemic” problem. When you get cancer, your entire system has broken down. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc can kill off cancer cells, however it would not restore your system to its normal balance. You need to solve the deeper systemic problem in order to better treat & prevent cancer from recurring.

How do you end up with Cancer?


When we’re talking about cancer, in order to fully understand it, we need to look at it at 2 different levels, at the systemic and cellular level.

At the systemic level, you’ll learn about what happened to your body that allows the cancer to grow out of control and what you can do about it.

As for the second level, you’ll discover what causes cancer at a cellular level and how a healthy cell turns cancerous.

What causes cancer? – Systemic level


Everyone has cancer cells in their body, so what determines why someone is diagnosed with cancer and another is not? There are many factors which causes a healthy cell to turn cancerous and you’ll learn about that later. However what you need to realise is that an inefficient immune system allows cancer to develop.

For most of your life, your immune system successfully fought cancerous cells, killing them as they developed. That’s its job. In fact, the only job Natural Killer cells have is to kill cancer cells and viruses. For cancer to develop, your immune system must either be worn out, unable to kill cancer cells as fast as they normally develop, or you must be exposed to a mass of cancer causing toxins, radiation or something, that increase the rate of development of cancer cells to an abnormally high level that your immune system can’t handle.

It is essential to optimise the immune system in your battle against cancer! More so if you’re undergoing medical treatments which will further deteriorate your immune system.

What causes cancer? – Cellular level

Now at the cellular level, what causes your healthy cells to turn cancerous? It all stems from damage to the DNA of your cells that causes them to replicate and multiply uncontrollably.

Environmental factors (such as exposure to carcinogens, radiations, lifestyles, etc) and genetic make-up cause damage to the DNA of your cells, increasing the chances of your cells becoming cancerous. So to fight cancer effectively, your body needs to be able to detoxify and overcome oxidative stress effectively.

The natural support your body needs – Glutathione


Besides placing yourselves in best possible medical hands, you must also take special care of your nutrition to boost your intracellular Glutathione levels.

It’s almost unbelievable how much we all depend on glutathione. It plays a crucial role in the regulation of many of your body functions required to sustain life. No other antioxidant is as important to your overall health as Glutathione!

Elevated Glutathione replenishes your antioxidant defences, enhances your Immunity, contributes to synthesis and repair DNA and help you detoxify numerous carcinogens and mutagens.

Did You Know?
The level of glutathione in your cells is predictive of how long you will live.

Hundreds of medical articles have been written describing the role of glutathione (GSH) in cancer treatment.

The good news is Medical Science have known about the immense benefits of GSH in combating diseases but they have not been successful in raising it effectively until in the 1990 when Dr. Gustavo Bounous with his team in McGill University found a way of raising GSH safely and effectively. More than ten million dollars were spent to develop and test the product which they later patented as Immunocal.

So, what can Immunocal do FOR YOU?

By taking Immunocal, you’ll experience these benefits:
Reduce Malnutrition & Wasting

Anti-Cancer treatment is often accompanied by loss of weight, appetite, energy and strength.

The anti-cancer treatment and the resulting state of nutritional compromise decrease intracellular GSH levels. This greatly weakens antioxidant and immune defences rendering the patients more susceptible to other diseases and opportunistic infections.

Immunocal is ideal for you as it has great nutritional value, is clinically proven to raise GSH, safe for long term consumption, without side effect while being biologically active.


Strengthen your Immune System

Glutathione is essential for life and critical for health. It is constantly being used up in dozens of your body’s functions and is difficult to replace. Glutathione is literally your body’s food for the immune system. Immunocal is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine. Taking Immunocal will boost your cellular Glutathione levels, which is vital for proper functioning of your immune system.

Overcome Oxidative Stress

As you’ve read earlier, oxidative stress is one of factors that causes cancer. The amazing thing that we’ve found is that glutathione can repair DNA damage before it becomes a mutation, and there is also growing evidence that mutations can be repaired by glutathione as well! The rate of DNA repair is dependent on many factors, including what type of cell it is, it’s age, and it’s antioxidant capabilities. The latter can be measured by the level of glutathione (AKA Master Antioxidant of your body) present in the cell.

By taking Immunocal, you’ll be able to elevate your Glutathione levels. This would replenish your body’s antioxidant defences and contribute to synthesis and repair of DNA, protecting you from cancer!

Enhance effectiveness of Chemo & Radiotherapy

A characteristic of many cancer cells is that they have particularly high glutathione (GSH) values and thus are more resistant to chemotherapy and radiation. One approach has been to use GSH-depleting drugs like BSO (to reduce GSH values in cancer cells to render them more vulnerable to treatment). However, this reduces GSH in healthy cells also, magnifying the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

The amazing thing is that Immunocal can raise your GSH in normal tissues whilst lowering it in cancer cells! This makes the cancer in your body weaker and more vulnerable to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. And help protect your normal tissues from damage.

Detoxify your body

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Did you know? Glutathione is used in hospitals for paracetamol overdose. It detoxifies many xenobiotics (foreign compounds) and carcinogens. By taking Immunocal, you’ll be providing your body with the much needed precursor to produce Glutathione. This is especially important if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, which is essentially using poison to kill cancer cells. Your liver would do its best to remove these poisons, but would be weakened in the process.</p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>By boosting your Glutathione levels, you would be supporting your liver in its efforts to detoxify your body of these chemicals!</p>

Reduce side effects of Chemo & Radiotherapy

Undergoing chemotherapy & radiotherapy would greatly increase your body’s free radical formation and build-up of toxic metabolites. If the problem is not addressed, the side effects would intensify.
Studies have shown that patients with higher intracellular Glutathione levels experience far fewer chemotherapeutic side effects and cells with higher levels of Glutathione carry more protection against radiation damage, thereby lessening the side effects of radiotherapy.

By taking Immunocal, you’ll experience less depression, vomiting, hair loss, shortness of breath and neurotoxicity.

Choose health, choose Immunocal. Experience the difference!

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With Immunocal, you don’t have to. Here are some studies that uses Immunocal. The earlier studies were done with mice, and thereafter human clinical trials were conducted which laid the groundwork for a Physician’s Desk Reference Listing and 65 International Method of Use Patents.

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